Partnering with AKT Charity

“Supporting charities within the LGBTQ+ community for us is a given. As Gayle develops we will continue to reach out and support more organisations, helping to make positive social change and promoting YES! to equality for all. – Virginia Buckworth Founder. 

“When the team sat down to discuss what charity we should support first, everyone looked at each other and said The Albert Kennedy Trust.The idea of someone being rejected by their family and made homeless on the grounds of their sexuality really struck a chord in our heart and we knew we needed to help” – Michael Nanton-Knight European Director. 

AKT supports LGBTQ+ young people aged 16-25 in the UK who are facing or experiencing homelessness or living in a hostile environment.

They support young people into safe homes and employment, education or training, in a welcoming and open environment that celebrates LGBTQ+ identities.

 AKT Helps Young People: 

  • Stay safe in a crisis 
  • Find emergency accommodation
  • Access specialist support 
  • Develop skills, identify and achieve life goals

Why Are Needed:

Coming out, or being outed as LGBTQ+, can lead to young people being made homeless. 24% of homeless young people identify as LGBTQ+.

Homeless, LGBTQ+ young people are more likely to face violence and discrimination than young people who aren’t LGBTQ+. They’re also more likely to develop substance misuse issues and experience sexual exploitation. This can all take a huge toll on someone’s physical and mental health.

77% of the LGBTQ+ young people AKT work with believe coming out at home was the main factor in causing their homelessness and so it’s vital that they’re supported in an environment that is inclusive and celebrates their identities in order to improve their life outcomes.

How We Want To Help:  Funding £40,000 over 3 years, which will provide?

  • Access to advice from one of AKT’s housing specialists
  • Connection to a mentor for one-to-one support 
  • Access to the emergency support pack or tenancy 
  • Accommodation with a specially trained AKT host
  • A place to stay in the Purple Door accommodation service 
  • A safe place with one of AKT’S many housing provider partners 
  • Access to life skills training, events and peer support networks 
  • Access to life skills training, events and peer support networks