Our Story



Gayle was created for our LGBTQ+ Community

The idea for Gayle came about during the 2017 YES vote campaign for marriage equality in Australia when four Aussie members of our intergenerational rainbow family discussed the inequalities and hard times that our community has endured over the years and what the forthcoming YES vote for gay marriage would mean to us.

We wanted to create a beverage to celebrate our community, hence the name Gay Ale-Gayle was born. We are proudly the world’s first independently Australian owned beverage company.

At the heart of Gayle is a dedication to stand together for equality for those who cannot be heard and to support our community by giving back to charities, sports clubs, networks and events.

Gayle is a ‘cheers’ to our past and our future. Raising a glass to celebrate ‘love’ without restrictions. Our unique brews are a nod to our community’s sense of pride and a call to action to embrace unity, diversity and self-expression as we stand together and celebrate the power and beauty of our community.

Our Gayle Golden Ale recipe was developed especially for the UK market by a highly awarded and respected brewer in South Australia. It is brewed 100% to our recipe by a boutique brewery in Malton Yorkshire, with mild hops and passionfruit aromas. It is a 4.5% sessionable refreshing drop – a perfect beverage to share and enjoy with friends and family we love.